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Originally Posted by DumpJerry View Post
Nope. Skyboxes were needed for revenue enhancements and there was no place to put them in Comiskey. That is the main reason why new Comiskey was built. I know they put some in Wiggley, but I have never heard anyone describe them as being nice or desirable.
I was thinking of that the other day, what if the sky boxes were put on the roof? You'd have to change the way the lights were set up and it would probably cost quite a bit. There probably was a way that Old Comiskey could have been remodeled so that it allowed more modern amenities such as sky boxes, but it would have cost a lot. It would have been nice if when they opened up the new park they re-designed Old Comiskey in a way that would allow for those things (I think that was what was originally proposed in fact). Oh well. We have a nice park now, of course it took about ten years for it become nice.

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