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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
I could go for a hit with a runner in scoring position. Unless these guys are actually planning on hitting 648 home runs this season.
I was thinking the same thing, but twice today with two outs and runners in scoring postion, Sox hitters had good at bats and hit the ball well. Today the killer as far as scoring baserunners was Flowers trying to score on a pitch in the dirt. I don't know if anyone shouted for him to break for home. Keppinger didn't seem to be waving him in. But again, he homered to break the tie, putting the Sox ahead for good, the game-winning hit, and caught a good game.

Today's game wasn't particularly well-played. Aside from the baserunning mistake and issues in left, the defense was solid, though, and the pitching very good. As in the opener, the Royals were facing a pitcher they had hit well in the past and really couldn't put anything together. The Ramirez error appared to be the fault of Viciedo who didn't seem to be calling for the fly and didn't seem to care that Ramirez was. Booting a two-out hit and allowing the runner to score from first led to half the Royals' scoring so far this week. The Royals later scored a fundamental run by scoring a leadoff double without hitting the ball out of the infield. That would have been huge if the Sox bullpen hadn't shut down the Royals with the bases loaded and the tying run in scoring position after the Wise error.

I don't know what was going on with the Sox in left today. Viciedo is still developing defensively as an outfielder, some of his minor league development being spent at third base. The mistakes seemed to be mental. Maybe he will learn from them. De Aza and Beckham made some nice plays on defense, though.

Today, it again came down to the pitching. Peavy had a very nice start. The bullpen did its job working its way out of a bases-loaded jam. Santana did well with his breaking pitches, was able to throw them for strikes, but the Sox beat him on his fastball. The home runs provided a little margin for error, that was needed today because of some poor play in left. Fortunately the pitching was good enough that the Sox didn't need the run(s) they didn't score after loading the bases with one out.

Dunn looked much better offensively today, especially being more active early in the count. Going for the sweep, the Sox will be facing Guthrie, who is coming off a very good season. Maybe, despite looking so good in spring training, early in the season is the best time to catch the Royals, as it was last year.

Really, it's nice to start off the season with a couple of wins at home, especially against two pitchers who were supposed to be key in turning around the Royals fortunes.
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