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Originally Posted by gosox41 View Post
Brooks has been terrible or the team as been terrible (or more disappointing then truly terrible.)

If this teams wins or goes to the playoffs, attendance is a less touch subject.

If I were Brooks, I would eat up all the PR this video is getting. Who would think a video to a popular song would generate so much negative feedback . You'd think the Sox did something wrong.

But for those that hate it, keep gabbing. It's giving the Sox a lot of PR.

On what planet is this a "popular song"? It's not even recent. The Sox probably didn't want to pony up the licensing fee for a more current, hip, band like Limp Bizkit (teal implied).

Brooks Boyer has to rank among the worst marketing guys in the business. He's the anti-John McDonough. The fans are ultimately to blame for Sox attendance woes but their marketing department sure isn't helping. A chimpanzee could have generated some sustained excitement and ticket sales from a World Series Championship but not Boyer. He continues to play the sports marketing equivalent of 'small ball.'

For the poster that got a response from Boyer, can you paraphrase?
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