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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
WHAT?! We scored one run. If anything, empirical evidence is supporting the case that this team will have trouble scoring runs. Making that assumption from one game is fool-hardy sure, but it's not opinion that this offense is expected to blow chunks. It would be opinion if you expected them to vastly outproduce history and projections.
The Angels scored only one run through nine in their opener. I think they scored one run through 12 becuase they couldn't score in extra innings with the bases loaded and one out The only reason they scored more in the game was that their pitching and defense allowed a run through the first nine against the Reds, and the game went deep into the Reds bullpen. The Dodgers were shut out through seven in their opener until their starting pitcher broke the tie in the eighth with a home run, and he isn't even in the lineup every day. With all the money the Dodgers have spent on offense, they have only scored in one inning through two games this season.

If the Sox are screwed because they can't start Sale every day, at least their lineup won't have to face Shields every day. There are aspects to their Sox lineup I don't like. Many here know what they are. But you are overreacting. A 1-0 win on a cold April day featuring two top starters does not validate your expectations that the White Sox are doomed because they have a weak offense.
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