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Those are some valid points. Can't argue with them. I don't know what the Sox may or may not have considered. They have already cut prices though so it's not like they aren't doing anything.

What I do know is that JR himself asked two high ranking members of the front office to examine and compare all the other schedules looking at things like April home games, the interleague match up's (the organization was wondering why the Sox played say the Dodgers more the past few years then the Brewers only 90 miles up the road), short West Coast road trips, what days of the week the Yankees were in a particular town (weekday as opposed to weekend's) things along those lines.

I know those 'results' were handed to him. What happened after that I don't know.

One thing I was told is that again MLB helped Cleveland when they were having attendance issues but the same 'help' didn't seem to be forthcoming to the Sox.

Why that is, is something Bud would have to answer.

To me it seems both sides have issues and legit complaints. It would be nice if they can get together for the benfit of the fan. You know the folks who drive this entire six billion dollar industry so that they don't have to sit freezing their asses off so many times. To say nothing of helping the players perform better.

Just my opinion.

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