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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
Are they playing this awful video in the stadium? I sure hope not. At least if it's only on cable, we can ignore it.

I love the history intro video, hope they didn't replace it.
I was at the game yesterday and the Saliva video was indeed played in the ballpark not once, but twice. Once at about 2:30PM and then again right before the opening lineups at about 2:55PM. After the now "infamous" Saliva video, the Sox played a one minute video with ominous voiceover talking about sacrifice, making an impact, etc. while showing highlights from current Sox players. As a previous poster pointed out, this video was very hard to hear what the narrator was saying because of the echo on the ballpark speakers. The familiar and much loved "Pirates of the Carribean" Sox history montage was NOT played at all. The voiceover video was the new segueway right into AC/DC Thunderstruck. I was more disappointed at the deletion of the Sox history video than the use of the cheesy Saliva lip sync video. I'm hoping it was just an Opening Day thing and they return to the old Sox history video for future home games.
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