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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post

I don't "believe" there is an anti-Sox agenda from the schedule makers per se. I do think they are getting the short end of the stick because that is what is being relayed to me by folks in the front office.

Take it for whatever that's worth to you. They don't like it, and based on what I see I think they have a case.

Sox attendence is going to be basically zero the rest of those April home games unless the weather warms up. Now think about this, you've got a franchise that has lost fans for six straight seasons...that's a fact. So what does MLB do?

They give them 16 April home April. How dumb does someone have to be? To say nothing of the construction that is also going to have an impact on getting to the game.

Now it's also a fact (as told to me by an individual in the Sox front office), that when Cleveland was struggling with attendence MLB for example slated the Yankees twice during the summer on a weekend in order to help out.

Do you see this kind of help in regards to the Sox?

Didn't think so.

Maybe I'm wrong...maybe the Sox will have 20 thousand actual fans in the seats for all the remaining April home games but I'd be willing to make you a wager they don't. This franchise is struggling getting fans in the seats...this doesn't help matters does it?

If the White Sox organization is concerned about early season attendance, instead of complaining about the schedule, maybe they should run this organization in such a way that they make the playoffs more than once every 5 years or so.

I don't care what MLB did for Cleveland. Chicago (the city) is not Cleveland. The Sox are a major market team and their biggest problem is that they pissed away the boost they got from 2005 thanks to their performance on the field (especially after 2008). Years of the team falling on their face to start the season, letting a manager stick around who has already quit on the team and who throws fans under the bus, year after year of fizzling out late in the season.

IMO, anyone in the Sox organization who wants to point to the MLB schedule as their problem should be ashamed of themselves.

White Sox Baseball 2011-2016*

*except for 3 months in mid 2012 and 5 weeks in early 2016
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