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Originally Posted by johnnyg83 View Post
His nickname is the "J-Hey Kid" so Willy Mays comparisons may not be fair but they're inevitable. And when he came up, he was hyped to the bejesus by Bristol. I think he homered in his first AB or game and they were doing break-ins in programming to see his ABs. I do not recall this for certain, so I'm willing to be proven incorrect. But if true, that, to me, is OVER-hyped.

And I acknowledged in my first post about the OPS difference, but the rest of the batting line is pretty damn similar. So don't tell me there's no comparison. There is. And not only is there a comparison, it's remarkably close! Outside of OPS and fielding -- both of which I tipped my hat to in the original post.

Again, for those not picking it up. My point is NOT that Viciedo and Heyward are the same player but that this dude who was so hyped, has turned in one good, and no great seasons and that -- at a GLANCE -- have some traditional batting line comparisons to Viciedo.

Maybe I'm being overly sensitive, but I used to contribute money to this board and then I found the contributors too nasty to justify it, now I'm on the verge of abandoning it. I've been around since 2004 and the know-it-all-ness and smug baloney of this site sometimes reminds me of a North Side board. I think I'll say goodbye to all for a while.

Go Whitesox!
Acknowledging the difference in OPS and understanding what it means are two entirely different concepts. If you understood what it meant, you wouldn't have made the thread.

I'm sorry you feel you're being attacked, but maybe in the future listen to what others are saying and then do a little research instead of being sensitive about it. You're beyond off-base with the point you're trying to make. So incredibly off base, my first thought was this thread was a gag. If anything, people in this thread are being too nice to you.
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