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This is my impression based on my dealings with some of the folks who have major input into what the Sox do in these regards.

I'm not saying it's wrong or they are wrong but there does seem to be some individuals who simply don't have as big an appreciation for the history of the franshice, the alumni, the magic moments that the franchise has experienced and I think that is reflected in some of the decisions made.

There are also some who do have a deep appreciation not only for the history of the Sox franchise but for the game itself, the pace, the style of it.

It might be said that there is a cultural or a generational 'war' (for want of a better word) on things along these lines...hip-hop vs. organ music, the 'pirates' montage vs. the 'song' that aired on CSN. Things like that.

I suspect some feel change is automatic, necessary and good...others who feel the game itself evokes tradition and doesn't need major changes. It's also an attempt I suspect to get a younger generation of fans involved along their terms and in ways they are comfortable with.

Given that baseball historically is a traditionalist sport it's hard to find a solution that will satisfy everyone.


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