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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
Got to hand it to MLB, the Sox franchise has lost fans six years straight...yet they schedule 16 home games in April for them. Amazing isn't it??? Talk about not being willing to help...and folks wonder why the Sox are pissed off at the schedule makers every year.

Just glad to get the win. I'll give them a mulligan today because it was so damn cold. If the Sox are still scoring one or two runs off this 'vaunted' Royals pitching staff in June (like they seemed to do a bunch last year) I'll be concerned.

You remember the last time the Sox opened the season with a 1-0 win don't you???

Yaaaaay conspiracy theories!

Originally Posted by soltrain21 View Post
You do realize the Royals pitching staff is actually very good this year, right? And that James Shields is fantastic?
I'm pretty sure Lip has said in the past that he rarely, if ever, watches non-Sox MLB games.

Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
I am curious why Gillaspie was brought in as a defense replacement for Paul in the 9th. How much has the guy played 1st? Is Paul hurt?
Believe it or not, Paulie isn't a very good defender.

Great game. School gets out at 2:50, and we can leave at 3:20, so I was able to listen to the game on MLB and on my drive home. Got home at around the end of the third.

Chris. Sale.
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