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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Winning a single game is not reason to forget what's wrong about the organization.

Nor is it time to forget the reason the team is expected to have a down year is because of lack of offense, which was on display today.

Sale can't pitch shutouts everyday of the season.

We can celebrate, but it doesn't mean we're not cognizant of reality.
Everything is amplified on opening day becaue it's all anyone has seen. But it's the only reality.

There is no reason to complain about a lack of offense when your team wins a 1-0 opening game any more than there was no reason to assume the White Sox would crush every team offensively after they scored 15 runs in the opener in Cleveland a couple of years ago. If you look back at the 2011 season, the most runs the White Sox scored in any game was the 15 they scored on opening day. If you look back at the the 2005 season, the pitiful offense on display in the 1-0 opening-day win really wasn't all that bad. At least it was good enough.

Today the Sox scored only one run, but they won, and deservedly so. The reality is that the White Sox played a great game against a team that has played them tough in recent years, a team that hit very well in spring exhibition games with players have hit Sale well in the past.

Your reality at this point is more opinion and expectation than reality.
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