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Originally Posted by lpneck View Post
What is with your constant negativity? I understood it to a certain extent last September when everyone was frustrated as the Sox collapsed, but seriously? After a 1-0 opening day win?

I know you believe there is a clear anti-sox agenda from the schedule makers for whatever reason, despite the fact the start of the season is 6 game home stand, 10 game road trip, 10 game home stand, 8 game road trip.

And I know you feel the need to belittle good players from other teams with no regard for the fact that some of them are in fact, actually really good players. The Sox, who have a pretty awful lineup, won today on a 35 degree day against an All-Star starter in James Shields, an All-Star reliever in Aaron Crow, and Kelvin Herrera- who had a pretty damn good rookie year last year.

It was a good day to be a Sox fan.
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