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Originally Posted by ChiSoxGirl View Post
We were in Sec. 531 and shaded the entire time. With the wind out of the northwest, I figured it'd be at our backs; not so much. I was cold five minutes after I sat in my seat; tube socks, crew socks, winter boots, jeans, a thermal shirt, fleece, a winter coat, gloves and a scarf weren't enough for this warm weather girl. It took nearly an hour for the feeling to come back in my toes and nose. We're going again on Saturday and since there'll only be about 19 other people at the ballpark with us, there's going to be some migration into the sun for sure!

That hot chocolate sure looked good, but I couldn't justify $7 for what was probably more like tepid chocolate. But I sure do love the travel mug it comes in!
I have somewhat poor circulation in my hands and feet, and therefore a low tolerance for cold temps - for me, wool socks make a big difference in cold weather, much better than two or three pairs of cotton socks. Maybe even wool socks on your hands!
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