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Originally Posted by Jerko View Post
Well, I'd like it to be open year round because it's close to my house, parking is a breeze, it's nicer than the neigborhood joints, it's cool to be at the Cell during the offseason, and I DON'T like places that are wall to wall people. I realize that's just me though and no, I wouldn't stay open either if I were them. That said, being open during road games and advertising a little wouldn't kill them. I've given up on the year round thing.
As far as sport bars go, is it really any different than Buffalo Wings and Rings? It's much better when it's right before a ballgame, but I didn't find the food to be any better. At Wings and Rings, at least you can get a Green Line in a glass.

Maybe I just can't get passed the fact that drinks are served in a plastic cup in the middle of winter. I understand why that's an issue when its packed wall to wall before a game, but why during the winter?
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