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Originally Posted by Fenway View Post
It will be available after the first of the year.

Lip of all people should know that restoring video from two inch tape is a crapshoot. The big problem is the playback heads spin so quickly it can peel the oxide right off the tape and destroy it - you do not get a second chance. A number of games have been lost because of this.

This tape had to be sent to California where retired engineers of Ampex went to work on it. Unlike say the Game 7 of the 1960 World Series which was a kinescope (film) and could be played back easily - old two inch tapes need to be played on a VTR of the era.

This explains in detail the problem

In any event it was decided that this game would be part of the Fenway 100th Birthday Festival on NESN which will take place in all of 2012.
Unfortunately, this (the 64 White Sox-Red Sox home opener in Boston) never aired.

I have not seen Fenway on this board in over a year to ask him what happened.

Is he around?
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