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Originally Posted by wassagstdu View Post
Along about mid-season (or earlier if possible), I would trade Dunn, Rios, Peavy and Konerko with their paid-up contracts for the best prospects available. The money those players will cost is spent, the Sox are not going anywhere in 2013 or 2014, and there will be nothing to do with the freed-up money in 2015 but buy a couple of overpriced FAs, pay them for 2013 and 2014 performance, and wish we could unload them in 2016. I'd rather use the money to extend a couple of future stars in 2015.

As for putting people in the seats, I think most would rather watch good young players develop and play .500 than run out the clock on Adam Dunn and play .500.
There is much less of a guarantee that good young players will play .500 than it is that established vets will play .500. It is even more likely that the established vets might break through and have a surprise season. I have no doubt that if Sox ownership and management felt secure that Sox fans would financially support the organization at or near the same levels with young players playing .450 ball as fans would with established-name vets playing .500 ball, they would start rebuilding immediately.
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