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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
I guess you could just do a lot of trades and hope you get lucky. But really the best trades occur these days when one team's surplus is another team's weakness, and they make a trade from surplus to shore up each other's weakness. That's hard to so when you have no surplus.
And the way teams crave prospects these days, you have no chance without a capable farm system.

Williams dealt Quentin, Jackson and Santos for basically one B prospect in each case in return. Maybe it was just bad execution from Williams, but B prospects can bring in some talent, if you have them.
It's pretty clear that was bad execution from Williams. An example of the kind of trade Hahn needs to make is Morel for some other team's waning B prospect, where the scouting has identified a player who turns out to be a bit better than Morel. And then turn that guy around for someone a little better. And repeat.
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