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Originally Posted by roylestillman View Post
Monday will mark my 38th consecutive Home Opener in attendance. Here are some bits of very unofficial trivia from those Home Openers (since 1976):

Cost of Grandstand seat in 1976:$2
Upper Deck Box in 1991: $11
Lower Deck Box in 2013: $60
Number of times it failed to reach 40 degrees (before this year: 3 (1979,1980 & 2003)
Earliest Home Opener: Monday April 1, 2013 (barring postponement)
Latest non strike related Home Opener April 18, 1991 (New Comiskey Opener)
Postponements due to Snow: 2 (1982 & 2009)
Night Home Openers: 5 (sort of) (1982 twi-night double header following snowstorm and previous nights rain-out, 1995 post strike, 2000, 2003 schedule start time against Detroit pushed back 3 hours to 6:00 due to rain, 2006 ESPN Sunday Banner raising.
Number of Opening Days with falling Concrete from upper Deck: 1 (1987)
Number of Opening Days where downtown freight tunnels flood: 1 (1992)
Worst defeat: 1991 16-0 Vs. Detroit (New Comiskey Opener)
Biggest win: 10-2 Vs. Toronto (Kravec wins)
Shut outs by Sox pitchers: 4 (1976 Wilbur Wood, 1992 Hibbard, 2005 Buehrle, 2010 Buehrle.)
Most wins by Sox pitcher: 3 (Buehrle 2002, 2005, 2010.)
Home Opener record since 1976: 21-16
Since 2002 Sox are 10-1 for the Home Opener
The 2000 and '06 Home Openers stand out for me. The '00 game was against the Angels. Ray Durahm made a brilliant over-the-shoulder basket catch in the top of the first inning, and Big Frank followed in the bottom half with a mammoth home run to CF. That game seemed to set the tone for the remainder of the regular season, which saw the Sox win ninety five games.

The '06 game was Jim Thome's debut. Jon Miller's call during his home run is something I'll never forget. I'll also always remember Frank Thomas following Thome's blast with his own the following night during his A's debut.
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