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Originally Posted by SI1020 View Post
I agree. I know Rosenbloom isn't real popular here but yes I too believe that he hit the bullseye. Love the sarcasm directed at Alderman Tunney. Wrigley Field is a dump. Maybe a salvageable dump but it looks like the Ricketts don't have the political clout to make the necessary changes. That's another area Rosenbloom hit on. The tone deaf incompetence and inability of the Ricketts. Wrigley Field is a giant albatross, even more so because it is perceived by Cub fans and really baseball fans in general, that it is absolutely necessary to hold onto it forever. Bull****. How many times as a resident old fart here and in life am I told the only constant is change? I guess it will be left to Jed and Theo to bail out the politically weak and baseball business inept Ricketts ownership group.
Originally Posted by thomas35forever View Post
Rosenbloom hits the nail on the head.
He was right up until that last point. The Cubs are not moving to Rosemont. They're not moving out of Wrigley. This is an idiotic bluff and I don't know why anyone would buy it. In 105 years of ineptitude, moving out of Wrigley Field would be the dumbest thing the Cubs have ever done.
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