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I told them that a lot of us are there to relax and see a ball game and don't need sensory overload every time there's a break in play.

I also suggested to upgrade the folding chairs they let friends of disabled customers use. I swear some of those are from the ampitheater.

A thing that has long annoyed me is closing all the stands in the outfield that are BUILT INTO THE PARK, only to stick portable stands right in the middle of the concourse..... Open all the stands on the concourse all the time. Sorry, but paying customers should not have to traverse half of the ballpark to "go to the rotunda in the batter's eye" (AKA the ****ing FAN DECK) for food. By the time you get there, and wait in the long line since its the ONLY STAND OPEN out there, you miss an inning. Knock that **** off. Many times they have "downsized" staff based on projected attendance only to be blindsided by a large walk up crowd.

For "trade in" dates, I think there should be a way to ID season ticket holders on their way into the park. Yes I like the upper deck rule, but when I trade in a ticket and get an upper deck seat, as a season ticket holder I am allowed on the lower deck. So, how do I convince usher #3 on a side job after school that I'm a ST holder? He just supposed to take my word for it? Stamp the fricking ticket before you mail it out or something. there's only 4 trade in days a year and they're "unpopular" games, so it's not like the lower deck will be overrun if they implement this.
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