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Originally Posted by Mr. Jinx View Post
I still just don't get the attraction of Camden Yards. The interior is in essence the Cell only with a nice outfield area. Otherwise the park is just like any other park located in a part of town that is slowly going to ****.
Before Camden Yards, the area nearby was going to ****. I have only been once and enjoyed it. However, when talking to baseball fans, it is often at the top of their list. I think the wharf area combined w a nice baseball park adds to the experience. But I agree, the park seems average compared to the new ones. However, I saw a TV show that said every new stadium built in the last 20 years has consulted w and taken ideas from the Camden Yards people.
They often get large contingents of Red Sox fans, especially for weekend series. It is an alternative to paying a premium for Red Sox tics. Soutwest offers cheap flights from Boston to Baltimore. Oriole tics cost about 1/2 Red Sox tics.
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