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Originally Posted by blandman View Post's frustrating because you believed those two over medical history. A torn shoulder capsule isn't something to sneer at. Look at the history of those who had similar issues...Mark Prior, Chien Ming-Wang, Rich Harden, Johan's a LONG road back and not a sure thing. I don't think it should be frustrating that Danks won't be anywhere near ready or effective this year. What's frustrating was the baseless assumption that it was likely.

edit: looks like there's a really good read on this at SBnation if anyone's interested. Warning: it's not a positive outlook on this type of injury.
I would add that Danks needs to take up bowling with a light ball for next few months. That motion/resistance will build up the complementary shoulder muscles and slow-twitch fibers. Johnny just hang out at Gage Park Bowl or Marzanos and feel it getting stronger.
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