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Originally Posted by LoveYourSuit View Post
Part of what's frustrating to me is that this was all supose to be a minor clean up (surgery) of the shoulder and being ready for opening day would not be an issue. I believe Ventura and Coop both confirmed this when the surgery took place. OD 2013 was not going to be an issue. And here we are.'s frustrating because you believed those two over medical history. A torn shoulder capsule isn't something to sneer at. Look at the history of those who had similar issues...Mark Prior, Chien Ming-Wang, Rich Harden, Johan's a LONG road back and not a sure thing. I don't think it should be frustrating that Danks won't be anywhere near ready or effective this year. What's frustrating was the baseless assumption that it was likely.

edit: looks like there's a really good read on this at SBnation if anyone's interested. Warning: it's not a positive outlook on this type of injury.
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