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Originally Posted by Mr. Jinx View Post
I'm not suggesting that it would make financial sense to move to the suburbs at all, just that I think people are discounting the amount of people that would prefer the ballpark not be in the city as a minor number. Also, if you are going to mention poverty in the suburbs, the city hasn't exactly been doing all that well the past few years either.
It is a minor number, though, compared to what you lose. Nobody in their right mind is trying to build anything to appeal solely to Mr. and Mrs. Suburb and their 2.5 kids; for the same reason that many companies in the area have abandoned their suburban office parks to move back downtown; I'm not saying the city or the burbs are better or worse for day-to-day living, that's all personal preference, of course, I'm just saying, if you're object is to try to attract 3 million people to a specific location over the course of several months, limiting the overall accessibility of your location by moving it 20 miles away from the center of this very centrally-focused transporation infrastructure would be simply foolish.

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