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Originally Posted by moochpuppy View Post
Do the residents not realize that if the Cubs left it would kill their neighborhood. What would they rather have......some more night games to put up with or a bunch of abandoned store fronts up and down Clark street?
Kill the neighborhood? Come on. It's not 1980 anymore, Lakeview isn't the sketchy run down neighborhood it was back in the day, it is thriving. The population of Lakeview alone would be the 9th largest town in the state, it's density is double that of San Francisco (the most dense large city in America). Would some of the party atmosphere on Clark Street suffer? Sure, probably, but Wrigley will still live on as an entertainment destination for concerts, events, etc. even if the Cubs moved out (and I'm sure they're not going to because the Ricketts, for all their faults, aren't total morons).

Maybe back in 1975, Lakeview needed the Cubs. In 2013, it doesn't.

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