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Originally Posted by jdm2662 View Post
It would be in the Cubs best interest to have some leverage against whatever city council or whatever they have to face. It's quite dumb they are the only team that can't play so many night games, etc. And, I don't even give too ****s about the Cubs, but I still find it amusing.

If the residents are so worried about them, Wrigley Field has only been there 100 years. I've lived by the Pacific West train line my whole life. Hell, every time I move, I move even closer to the tracks. Should I complain the trains are too noisy?
I remember the issue in the early 80's with the lights. Because Wrigley didn't have lights in '84 it cost them home field in the NL Championship and we all know how that series against the Padres turned out.

Do the residents not realize that if the Cubs left it would kill their neighborhood. What would they rather have......some more night games to put up with or a bunch of abandoned store fronts up and down Clark street?
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