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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
Well, he did.

"Bitchboy" won the Triple Crown and was part of the team that pwned the Sox during that great September collapse.

No worries, though, Uncle Jerry got 17 more minutes worth of concessions on Opening Day.
Make no mistake that I think Cabrera is one of the greats of the current era. I just think arguing about this kind of crap is beneath a major league player.

One of the memories I have of my youth is of Ron Gant walking out of the box in protest against the 'condition' of the batter's box. The umpire told him to get back in there and prepare for the next pitch. After about 5 seconds, Gant hadn't moved from the grass near home plate and the umpire told the pitcher to deliver the next pitch. One pitch later the count is 0-1 and Ron was back in the box and forgot all about his objection.

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