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Originally Posted by Mr. Jinx View Post
I don't think it is an indictment on hockey as much as increased access to soccer on TV now. 10 years ago about the only place you could watch a European soccer game was at a soccer bar who paid a ridiculous fee to get the games on satellite. Now you can watch the same at home via multiple cable/satellite channels. I don't know any natural born American who all of a sudden became a soccer fan in the last few years, but I know a plenty of people who were always fans but now can enjoy watching the games where they couldn't before.
You could argue that it's better to be a fan of soccer in the US than in any other country, given the plethora of TV options for worldwide leagues. It's easier to regularly watch (find on TV) the EPL here than it is England, if I am not mistaken.

Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post

If you say so. Sorry I don't buy soccer ever breaking into the big four in this country in popularity, television ratings, money or advertising.

It's is a niche sport.

Lip, just look at the facts, even if you don't care for the sport.

Money and advertising? This niche sport has a multibillion-dollar TV deal for the World Cup that is larger than that in any other country.

Popularity? The average attendance for an MLS game last season was 18,000. In North America, the only leagues drawing better than that are the NFL, MLB and Liga MX (Mexico's soccer league). The Seattle Sounders led MLS by averaging 44,000 fans per game. Only 2 dozen teams in European leagues drew better than that. As a whole, MLS is the 8th-best drawing soccer league in the world.

TV ratings? Look at what ESPN gets for Premier League games, or what Fox gets for the Champions League Final.

Some niche sport. You might not buy it, but the facts say otherwise.
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