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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
The World Cup has wide appeal in the US and while the Premier League might draw the same number of viewers as the NHL, the NHL has made itself into a niche sport. I don't think that soccer, other than the World Cup, would ever approach the level of popularity of the NBA, MLB or NFL but it could conceivably surpass hockey in terms of popularity. That might be more of an indictment of the NHL than on the popularity of soccer.
I don't think it is an indictment on hockey as much as increased access to soccer on TV now. 10 years ago about the only place you could watch a European soccer game was at a soccer bar who paid a ridiculous fee to get the games on satellite. Now you can watch the same at home via multiple cable/satellite channels. I don't know any natural born American who all of a sudden became a soccer fan in the last few years, but I know a plenty of people who were always fans but now can enjoy watching the games where they couldn't before.
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