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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
Don't get me wrong, I would love to see it if it was possible, I just think Sale has all the tools to be 5 star. He needs to work on locaton and durability. The slider is an out pitch. Joe Mauer has said its the hardest pitch he has ever tried to hit.
Comlpetely agree with you. This isn't fantasy camp. Pitchers don't regularly pick these pitches up while they're in the majors like they would a cutter or change up. If anyone can name either a handfull of pitchers who throw a screwball or knuckle-curve I would be shocked.

Knuckle-Curve- Mike Mussina and AJ Burnett. I think Dan Haren used to throw one too. Hoyt Wilhelm had an absolutely filthy one in MVP 2005.

I am definitely not saying the pitch is ineffective because it is sick when harnessed. The nastiest pitch I had ever seen in my amateur career was a knuckle-curve. That kid is now starting on the reigning NCCA Championship Arizona Wildcats and he is a freshman.

Screwball- Hector Santiago and John Smoltz. From what I understand this pitch does to your elbow what throwing hundreds of sliders does to your shoulder.
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