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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post

I think this tournament is getting better each time out. If a tournament was only measured by American level of interest- the World Cup would be somewhere between the Music City Bowl and the AHL Finals.
You realize that the World Cup has been a smashing success in the US? The later rounds of the World Cup get TV ratings comparable to the World Series. Not bad for something "nobody cares about."

And the Champions League final, which features absolutely no American involvement, is in the same ballpark as Stanley Cup Finals TV ratings.

But yeah, nobody cares.

It's all about the demographics. Soccer is gaining huge ground in the 18-34 male bracket. In many regions of the US, it's clearly passed NHL in terms of interest. And that's evne without a high-profile American league...most American soccer fans are more interested in the European game, which makes the TV ratings all the more impressive.

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