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Originally Posted by Foulke You View Post
He hit 8HRs last year as a mostly reserve player. How many HRs would you like out of your 4th outfielder? 30?
Yeah, so you are only considering his career best season at age 34? A season where he got on base at a .293 clip. Yessh. Oh and his career OBP is .264.

I do respect the hell out the guy for what he's done and how hard he had to work to finally become a MLB player. That being said, I would prefer him to be someone else's feel good story now and in his spot another OF with some pop. Nothing crazy, preferably a LH handed hitter who could step in at the #6 to split up all the righties and actually be a viable pinch hit candidate. I don't think DeWayne is that guy, and him being on the roster blocked any of that type of transaction from happening.
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