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Originally Posted by kobo View Post
First, who were these lots of good FA's that we let walk besides AJ? Youk? That guy is washed up and not worth the $12 million the Yankees are paying him this year. For as good as AJ had been for the Sox I think there is more going on than we know that led to his departure. And there is no way AJ replicates his season from last year.

Second, what crystal ball are you using that has told you Sale is going to have a surgery named after him? Why are you so sure he is going to blow his arm out, because other people have said so? Other people have said he has the same motion as Randy Johnson and Johnson seemed to have a pretty good career.

And of course this team looks like a .500 club. They looked this way last year too and I think most of us on this board knew this was going to be the way the team goes until after 2014 and the big contracts come off the board. I think Hahn has done what he can considering the status of the team and the farm system. And yes, signing Sale to that extension is risky but the reward can be so great that it could go down as one of the best signings the Sox have ever made.
Peavy, not Sale - he's the one with the innovative surgery.
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