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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
Well, the issue here (that we had threads on this all winter) really is are we going to lose a year from him, and when he comes back, will he be as good?

I am glad they locked him up for a ridiculously good deal if he pitches all those years.

You can't deny that its a big question mark if he pitches all those years at last year's level of quality. If there was a much lesser chance of severe injury based on the way he pitches, it would be a fantastic deal, which is probably why he signed it.
You can make this argument for basically every pitcher in baseball, every single one has a ticking time bomb in their elbows, their shoulders, everywhere basically, but that shouldn't preclude you from signing them to team-friendly extensions. Even if Sale's arm blows up, this is not the kind of deal that anchor a team's finances, it's less than $40 million guaranteed over 5 years for a pitcher with LEGITIMATE Cy Young Award winning capability. And if that isn't good enough, we have options on him for his 28- and 29-year-old seasons for a COMBINED $26 million. Such low risk, so high reward. This contract is now the envy of the entire baseball world. It's literally that good.

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