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Originally Posted by soltrain21 View Post
Yes. Because thinking stupid nicknames are stupid totally means I love the Cubs with all my heart.
Never said nor implied that you "... love the Cubbies with all your heart." I can't read your heart. I have read your frequent posts here where you reflexively post comments slamming those who dare to mock the Cubbies.


What's The Score? (3 Viewing)
Pale Hose conspiracies, runaway rumors and lots of Lovable Loser laments. Check your brain at the door, and "Hey dude, what's the score?"
Who'd think Sox fans would post comments slamming, mocking and using silly names about the Cubbies in a discussion area with a picture of Sammy and Barney on the headline AND a silly name for the Cubbies AND their Sacred ballpark?

If "stupid nicknames are stupid" offend you so much, why do you patrol WTS?

"In time you can turn these obsessions into careers...Hurry Down Doomsday the bugs are taking over." - Elvis Costello
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