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Why am I so unexcited about this team this year? Somehow it seems like they got some key unexpected performances from a lot of people last year and still were just a decent team with lots of potential for being much worse than they were. I just can't see it happening again, and I'm especially not optimistic about some of the guys in the rotation. Is Danks going to be healthy and effective? Shoulders are complicated things. Can Sale replicate the same success a second year? Can Peavy avoid injury problems two years in a row and be better than a .500 pitcher? Is Floyd just permanently a .500 pitcher? Can Quintana keep the league from figuring him out in year two with his average stuff?

My everyone-will-hate-me pessimistic prediction:
Sale: 12-7
Peavy: 11-13
Floyd: 12-12
Danks: 3-7
Quintana: 4-10
Axelrod: 2-5

Bullpen goes 28-27 and the Sox stink at 78-84.
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