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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
You are taking the quote out of context. Ventura also said after a bad outing by a pitcher this year that he didn't have to worry about making the team.

Obviously, if you have two players who aren't proven at the major-league level and looking to make the team, you are going to judge them by how well they perform. In the case of Gillaspie and Morel, you also will have to factor in that Morel has options left. Gillaspie could prove to be a steal for the Sox as someone they got cheaply from a championship team where he didn't have a place with no options left. If Gillaspie shows enough, not just with stats, but with ability, it might not matter how good Morel's stats are.

I'm not comparing Gillaspie to Denny McLain (you've recalled his failure to make the Sox a few times), but there ware considerations much more important than spring training stats.
Especially the young players, you have to watch them carefully. The varied abilities of the players they face in spring training make "good" stats ridiculously unreliable.
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