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Cot's has Konerko, Floyd, Crain and Wise as FAs, plus Thornton and Lindstrom as club options with cheap buyouts.

Can't see any of them back in '14, except manybe Paul if he takes a team-friendly deal, but the writing is on the wall after A.J.'s departure.

Otherwise my plan would be the same as I suggested for this offseason:
  • Find someone to take Dunn, Rios and Peavy's salaries for decent prospects.
  • Deal Viciedo, Flowers and Beckham while they still have potential, have relatively low salaries and teams could be swayed on giving us a quality younger/cost effective player or two for "potential".
  • Make some shrewd mid level cost younger FA signings for good talent to fill holes.
  • Draft smart for BPA, and pay for quality.
Gotta think Hahn is using 2013 as a transition year to clear some of Kenny's worst contracts and then having a good level of payroll room to remake the roster in his own manner. If anyone surprises this year and plays over his head, that's a bonus.
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