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Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
I don't give a **** what that hack Phil Rogers thinks. That said, I do respect your opinion and always wish to hear it.

I guess I'm a real hypocrite when it comes to the WBC. I enjoy watching it, but I'd rather not see Sox players compete in it, either.
Any argument based on Phil Rogers and the fact that "most Americans" aren't interested is a weak argument.

If I believed in Phil Rogers and "popularity"- I'd be a Cubs fan.

China-Australia will be at least as interesting as a midweek Astros-Twins game or other match ups from MLB over the course of a season. The WBC games are a nice way to get a baseball fix while waiting for Opening Day.
Players that are an important part of the rebuild:
Anderson, Fulmer, Giolito, Lopez, Moncada
Players that might be or could have trade value:
Abreu, Bummer, Davidson, Fry, A. Garcia, Jones, Sanchez
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