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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
By the way if any fans have contact info for former Sox players they'd like to share you can contact me directly with that info. Please be as complete and accurate as possible. (Don't just say, I know Rich Morales lives in California. It's hard to do anything with that.)

I have some reliable contact info for the following people:

(...remarkable list...)

The odds are though that at least some of the info I have is incorrect and I may not be able to contact some of the folks that I have listed
Lip, I want to echo Lamp81's original post and say how much I appreciate the interviews. I'm impressed at your ability to find the interview subjects and at the specificity of the questions. Your handle on Sox history makes them great reading.

I have a friend who's a general-interest journalist, and he's told me that in his experience once someone has been contacted for an interview they're almost always cooperative. But he also said that it falls apart quickly if the interviewer doesn't know what he's talking about or if it's obvious he hasn't prepared. Thatís clearly not a problem in these.

For me, Pete Wardís interview a couple of years ago provided great background when I learned he was going to be at SoxFest this year. Ward was a favorite from my youth; in those days my dad and I debated about his skill. I got to talk to him briefly after he joked about his defensive limitations at one of the seminars. I told him I always thought he was a better fielder than my father did, and he thanked me. Reading the interview gave me insight into his playing days that I wouldnít have gotten otherwise.

My choice from that list of contacts would be Dave Nicholson. I remember how he was hyped when he came to the Sox and how badly he flopped when he played. His record is what it is, but Iíd love to read how he dealt with that experience and what he did after baseball. Itís those kinds of stories that flesh out the bigger picture and make the interviews work.

- tebman
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