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Originally Posted by cws05champ View Post
The problem is not just losing the 1st round now lose the slot money allocated to that pick. It doesn't just affect the one pick, it affects the whole draft strategy now. You can't draft a player that will take less than the slot money allocated and then spread that out over some later lose the slot money all together. I'm just not willing to do that for Kyle Lohse who has been very good in the NL, but had his best year in a contract year at age 33. I'm sorry, but I'm not signing a 34 year old pitcher who just had his best year in baseball when we have some young kids that show some promise.
I agree with you mostly in terms of the money and draft strategy. That said, I think Loshe is still a major improvement over Floyd at the 4 and the kids at the 5. I have little faith in Quintana. Guys with his make up and skills generally don't continously have success in the bigs. Soft Tossing lefty that lacks great control or good movement on his pitches, just seems like with some tape on him this year, teams are going to light him up. I have more faith long term in Santiago honestly, just hope we can stretch him out.
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