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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
I would give up the pick for him in a heart beat. He would give us such a legit 1-5, and would slide in nicely at the 4 moving Gavin to the 5. Add to the fact we are terrible at drafting and have had next to no success from our first rounders (atleast ones who did not go pretty much straight to the pros ala Sale), yah, give me a couple years of a top 3 SP vs. a prospect who likely will never make it.
The problem is not just losing the 1st round now lose the slot money allocated to that pick. It doesn't just affect the one pick, it affects the whole draft strategy now. You can't draft a player that will take less than the slot money allocated and then spread that out over some later lose the slot money all together. I'm just not willing to do that for Kyle Lohse who has been very good in the NL, but had his best year in a contract year at age 33. I'm sorry, but I'm not signing a 34 year old pitcher who just had his best year in baseball when we have some young kids that show some promise.

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