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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
Yup, AJ had a great year last year, but a lot of what he did so great was kind of this mystical build up from Hawk Harrelson. Not saying I didn't love AJ, I did, but this idea he was this grindy tough doing all these little things guy, not all of it is really true.

I think when you factor in what Flowers brings defensively, it will balance itself out.

I am worried mostly about regression from our pitchers. I just don't think we can expect Santiago, Quintana, Jones etc. to all be BETTER than last year because I think some of them were throwing way over their heads.

This your typical White Sox style team. They could win 75 games and it would not really shock you, or they could win 86 games and it would not really shock you. They were 4th in the league in runs last year, but built a ton of that up during 2 crazy hot stretches, they had no consistency. Hopefully this year its more balanced.
Great post. The glaring hole in that "4th in the league in runs" statistic was without a doubt the team's consistency.

Quintana I expect very little from. Santiago needs consistent control over the screwball and some added movement on his basically straight fastball. He won't last in our park trying to throw that straight fastball by people. I do however think Santiago has good stuff and decent potential. Jones was huge last year and no one should expect him to put up the same numbers. He may as well be a one year wonder, while I hope he's not, relievers tend to be a crapshoot.
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