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Originally Posted by SoxNation05 View Post
I think a lot of AJ's value on offense was him being clutch, hitting for a high average and battling pitchers. AJ always saw a lot of pitches when he went up to the plate and did not strike out that much. While I don't think Flowers will be able to do the same, he may not be that much of a downgrade.
I'm not sure that's right. I don't think AJ sees all that many pitches. Yes, he does not strike out a lot, but that is in part because he doesn't see a lot of pitches, and he makes contact. The only guys on the team last year that saw less pitches per plate appearance than AJ were pitchers and Alexei. AJ saw 3.47 pitches per plate appearance, and the team average was 3.81. Flowers saw 4.20. Flowers will strike out more, no doubt, but he will probably see more pitches, and take more walks than AJ.
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