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Again the single biggest factor is if I can track a player down. I've spent hours looking on the internet for certain players and come up empty, I've spent a few minutes looking for someone and found him.

It's not an exact science. Sorry. It's not like I can call the Sox and say, "hey give me this info." That's confidential. My sources who used to be a big help at the Tribune no longer work there.

Once I find a player then I take stock if I think he'd be a good interview. Was he with the club for a period of time, or just a season...was he part of some memorable clubs...was he involved in a historic play or situation.

Frankly sometimes I decide (not often) on an interview because I LIKED THE GUY.

Since I'm doing the work (and between doing the interview, transcribing it and formatting what I typed it takes about eight hours) I figure I've got the right to talk to whom I want every now and again.

Like I said earlier I'm ready to get back after it and appreciate the thoughts. Hopefully if things are worked out we can resume soon.

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