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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
Based on the fact that few understand it, or really any statistical model.
I think I understand it, and as I pointed out, they were fairly inaccurate predicting the outcome of the 2012 season in February 2012. It will probably be fairly inaccurate predicting the outcome of the 2013 season in February 2013. If anyone could actually be really accurate predicting the outcome of a season a couple of months before it started, it wouldn't be available for virtually nothing. Just like it would mean nothing if the Sox were expected to run away with the division, it means nothing the formulas have them finishing in 3rd place.

Its OK for people to defend BP, I read it myself. But to try to rip people for calling a spade a spade, and that would be calling out past inaccuracies and having that referred to as "anti-intellectual" is a joke.
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