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Another great interview would be with Kenny Williams. I'd think that Kenny has a little more free time now, and Lip would have a better chance of getting him to talk, maybe even better if you said the interview will stay away fom his tenure as GM.

I know I'd love to hear from KW on his playing career. He was a College Football player who chose the baseball route. He was labled a "Can't Miss" prospect, who did "miss". He started out as an outfielder who was shifted to 3B. Does KW think that had any part of his failed playing career?

What's it like to be a father on an NFL player (Kyle Williams of the 49ers) who has been the Goat of an NFC Championship game, and now that has suffered concussions. Are Kenny and Kyle afraid of the brain issues that have come down the road for NFL players with multiple concussions? Did Kenny ever try and steer Kyle to baseball like he and his other sons have done?

I just think there is a lot there to hear from KW, w/o going into his GM tenure, but that too would be a goldmine as well.
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