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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
If the Cubs pull out of CSN and start their own network/channel, as has been long speculated, I wonder if CSN could handle the loss of the Cubs and still be financially viable as they stand now.

Maybe we could see some kind of split-off with the Reinsdorf owned Sox and Bulls partnering with the Hawks (which they have in the past) to start their own network.

IMO, that would have a lot more pull with advertisers and subscribers than a Cubs-only network, despite their nationwide fanbase.
The Sox/Bulls marriage seems pretty natural but is it a given the Hawks would side with them and not the Cubs? Lot of familiarity between the two front offices and the Hawks seem to be natural "rivals" for the Bulls in that their seasons run pretty much head-to-head.

That said, the Bulls and Hawks are small fish in this sea; the elephant in this room is the Bears and what they would decide to do. Obviously you won't get their actual games but man, you can fill a lot of timelots up for a big chunk of the baseball off-season with exclusive football programming.

I also don't think it's unreasonable to think the 4 (Cubs, Sox, Bulls, Hawks) teams in town may one day just launch a channel together just without Comcast as a part-owner. Keep all that revenue for themselves.

I gotta feeling the Cubs are going to watch whatever the Dodgers do and emulate their model if successful. Anybody know what the hell they plan to air on their new channel in the approximately 93.5% of the year that is not live baseball?

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