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This and that:

Lamp thanks for the kind words. One of the most important items in determining who I interview is if I can actually contact said person.

The White Sox generally haven't been that helpful when it comes down to giving out personal information of that type (understandably so) Often I have to prowl the internet or call former interview subjects to see if they can give me the names or phone numbers of former teammates who might be willing to share their memories.

I'm prepared to restart interviews and such as soon as my broadcasting basketball is over but that's also going to depend on some other things getting worked out with others.

If that comes to pass, I'd be happy to do interviews, begin new "audio memories" stories focusing on a particular decade with radio cuts and so on.

We'll see, hopefully things get done soon. It's been awhile!

Regarding the names specifically listed in the previous posts before mine.

I do have some contract info for Greg and Richard (don't know how accurate it is) Zisk has basically become a hermit and from what I understand wants little to do with the Sox, perhaps because of the way he feels he was treated by the fans after he left. Dibber, last I heard lives in Colorado and is a minister although again I don't have specifics for him. Have no idea what happened to or where Kemp or Bradley are.

As far as JR, that's one of the people on my 'dream list' of interviews along with people like Aparicio, Allen and Fisk...but the reality is JR doesn't do a lot of those extensive type interviews and he certainly isn't going to do them with a person representing a web site. I've let some folks know that I'd love to speak to him or Einhorn at length but unfortunately I just don't think that's going to happen.

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