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Default Who would you like to see be Lip's next interview

I have always enjoyed Lip's interviews. I was thinking of who I'd like to see Lip interview next. My 1st two choices would be from the 1983 team, that is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Western Division Championship. So what person, connected with the White Sox, would you like to see Lip interview next?

Greg Luzinski, who grew up in the Chicago area, played on some great Phillies teams and then finished his career back home with the White Sox. I'd love to hear what he has been up to since he retired (I seem to remember he was on the Royals coaching staff at one point). I'd also like to hear what his experiences in coming back to Chicago to finsih his career.

As evidenced by my name, I'd also like to hear from Dennis Lamp. Dennis came to the Sox in a rare trade with the Cubs. In 1981 he pitched a memorable 1 hitter against the Brewers. I've liked Lamp since he presented me with a trophy for my 1st place Little League team in 1981. In the Q&A session that he held, I asked him what he thought of Greg Luzinski as a teammate, which he said something to the effect that Bull is a great teammate. Please forgive my question, as I was 9 years old at the time.
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